Hate The Sin, Love the Sinner

I’m so glad Life Changing Realities Fellowship assigned readings from Proverbs… It is good to review them again, and again… King Solomon was beloved by God, because when God asked him what he wanted, he did not ask for immortality, or riches, but simply wisdom… and it was granted. It’s amazing how his thoughts written between 970-930 B.C. are fundamental cores of morality that have been lost in what we consider “advanced civilization.” I’m constantly amazed at how being right, and good, and true are perceived as being incompatible with technological advancements, when in reality the opposite is true. Tonight a few things spoke to me in our assigned reading, and one is truth… meaning, have you ever been around someone that you know was lying, and it made you feel ‘funny’ inside, or maybe an ill feeling? That is your righteousness struggling to get out. I never really thought about it, but tonight we were assigned Proverbs 13 and verse 3 states: “The righteous hate what is false, but the wicked make themselves a stench and bring shame on themselves.” My first thought was it seemed odd that King Solomon, beloved of the Lord, would use the word “hate” when referencing the righteous; but then it hit me. King Solomon was not saying that the righteous hate the people who lie, we hate the sin, and that is true. I’ve found it to become quite commonplace of late that people pretending to be righteous, everyone from Preachers, or those pretending to be, long-standing Christians, well anyone really, seems to accept a lie as “normal” and “acceptable” behavior. For me it is important to try very hard to stay on the path of righteousness, because as soon as a foot slips from the path, the fall becomes entirely too easy. So if you feel “something” when you sin, or see someone sin, then you have hope, because that feeling is your soul’s desire for righteousness struggling to come out! Good read tonight 😀✝️🌞

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