Fools Speak The Loudest

Another good reading tonight in Proverbs 18. It is simply amazing how nearly 3,000 years ago King Solomon, beloved of the Lord, took the time to write down his thoughts that were relevant then, that are still so very relevant today. It is a true testament to human nature that after thousands of years our faults have stood the test of time. Have we advanced as a people… as a species? Is technology the true test of the advancements of a society, or is morality a truer test, especially since we have the wisdom of the ages available to us as a guide.

Something that the Spirit pointed out to me today is Proverbs 18:2, which relates to a previous passage in Proverbs 12:23.

Proverbs 18:2 (NIV)- Fools find no pleasure in understanding
but delight in airing their own opinions.

Proverbs 12:23 (NIV)- One who is clever conceals knowledge,
but the mind of a fool broadcasts folly.

In my life I have had the privilege of living in many areas, which has allowed me to be exposed to a variety of our cultures and customs. No matter a person’s color, accent, dialect, or level of employment, what defines a person is much more than meets the eye. The wisdom of Solomon can be found through a homeless man on the streets of a city, while the heights of depravity can be found in the tallest building. King Solomon prayed to God for wisdom, and it was granted. Here in Proverbs 18:2, something that seems obvious in the reading we have all probably run across at some point in time; and that is ‘he who speaks the loudest usually has the least to say’. What is Solomon saying here? What does he mean that they find no pleasure in understanding? Wisdom is a gift from God if you only choose to seek it, therefore we should revel in the search! However, King Solomon is saying that fools take more pleasure in hearing themselves speak than in acquiring knowledge. Why would this be so?

Most often it is insecurities. Because someone knows that they have not worked for knowledge, or money, or love, or friendship they require validation. What does that mean? Validation is affirmation (support or encouragement) that someone is special, loved, liked, approved, or worthwhile. Because someone knows that they are not what they present themselves to be, they seek validation through others that they are what they pretend, this results in them believing they are liked, which is validation.

Here is the key though, this happened almost three thousand years ago, and it is still happening now. Kind of crazy isn’t it? Here is what the Expositor’s Bible Commentary says on Proverbs 18:2: “Fools and speaking. Fools prefer to give their opinion rather than acquire wisdom. They find “no pleasure in understanding” (i.e., they detest understanding). Instead, they love telling what is on their mind. This is the kind of person who asks questions to show how clever one is rather than to learn.”

So why do I write all this down? I know that few people actually read my posts about Jesus and Salvation. I write them out to clear my thoughts on the subject and share for the few that might like to read them. Something that I have learned in reading the Bible repeatedly, is that Jesus wants us to surround ourselves with good people. Therefore, it is important to fully understand what a good person is, and to find out what that is, we need to read His Word.

Do you have friends that are with you through the bad times and not just the good? I hope so!

Here, Solomon is saying that a good person is not one who pretends to be knowledgeable about something that they aren’t, simply to make themselves look better for someone else. Jesus Christ died for us so that we can be saved through Faith, therefore we should wish to be the best people we can be, not only for our sake, but for Christ’s sake. He is our savior, he is the example we should strive to achieve. We should set the example for him so that others can see His work in Us.

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